White Paper : What are the biggest challenges in managing Virtual Infrastructures? | LdS Innovation | Scoop.it

Virtual Infrastructure brings new challenges that does not exists in physical world. If you ignore them, you might soon be facing a serious nightmare and disorder. Your neat and clean Virtual environment after 6 month of use might look like a mess.
So which Challenges you might want to deal with in VMware vSphere environment? One of them is VM Sprawl with over allocation of resources for VMs, uncontrolled growth, snapshots everywhere…. All this makes the management of your environment more difficult and can costs you money, even if some might think that VMs are free. They are not. The actually cost money, because you need to have a host with real CPU, real Memory, you need shared storage to implement HA (High Availability) etc….. You know, there are ways on how to prevent VM sprawl….


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