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Laughter is the best Medicine!
Go on have a laugh! laughter boosts the immune system, releases endorphines, protects the heart and just makes you, well nicer to be around!
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Rescooped by Jacqueline Silva from Science News!

Mini-lecture: The neuroscience of laughter (UCL)

Here’s a short and interesting introduction to the topic of laughter by UCL professor Sophie Scott. It’s interesting that laughter seems to have an evolutionary heritage that goes way way back, since other animals appear to do it too, but more interesting to me is what goes on in the brain when we hear laughter, and how the brain seems to prepare for it. I’ll let you watch the video to get the rest, it’s only five minutes and time well spent if the title catches your interest at all.

Articles about NEUROSCIENCE:

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Scooped by Jacqueline Silva!

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