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Ny i svenska skolan: Ny wiki: språkutveckling och digitala verktyg

Ny i svenska skolan: Ny wiki: språkutveckling och digitala verktyg | lärresurser | Scoop.it

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Anna Kaya's curator insight, January 6, 2014 5:36 AM

Det är med glädje jag ser att UR tillsammans med lärarna Jonas Lindahl och Sara Lövestam nu har påbörjat en wiki som jag tror att många av oss kommer ha nytta av. Wikin heter SFI - Svenska för invandrare och är inspirationskälla och plattform för lärare som vill främja språkutveckling med t ex hjälp av digitala verktyg.

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Wiki Collaboration Gets Easier with HackPad

Robin Good: If you are tempted to use a collaborative wiki, to let your team, colleagues or fans participate and contribute to a common project, but have been reluctant to use one because of the difficulty of getting on-board people who were not familiar with this technology, your wait is over.


HackPad is a very user-friendly wiki platform which allows you to co-work and co-edit text documents containing images and videos with maximum ease and least effort.


Key features include:


- Authorship colors show you who wrote what.
Easy sharing.


- Invite by name or email, or just share the URL.


- Linking immediacy. Just type '@' and you're creating links or new pages.


- Changes are emailed to everyone. Email reply to update pages quickly.


- Keep track of all your plans using task lists.


- Find pages instantly from your desktop with the taskbar app for OSX.


- Private instance. Safe and secure.


- Choose your own address:   https://yourcompany.hackpad.com.


- Import your existing MediaWiki or Google Sites Wiki.


- Administrative tools. 24/7 support.


Tour of Hackpad: https://www.hackpad.com/1d0D#This-is-a-Tour-Of-Hackpad ;


More info: https://www.hackpad.com/ ;


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Via Robin Good, Simon Hansell
Niels Jakob Pasgaard's comment, April 17, 2012 2:54 AM
Very nice - see also this article on how it can be used - theres a practical guide at the end of the article: http://www.edidaktik.dk/hackpad-i-undervisningen.html?lang=en
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Hackpad Wiki Creator

Hackpad Wiki Creator | lärresurser | Scoop.it

Hackpad is a simple to use real time collaborative wiki creator. It allows you to create very simple medi rich web pages which can then be edited by groups of people in real time from various locations. Simply link te pages together to create more complex wiki structures. Also woks on iPad.

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