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Rescooped by Margareta from Digital Presentations in Education

inklewriter - write interactive stories

inklewriter - write interactive stories | lärresurser | Scoop.it

inklewriter is a free tool designed to allow anyone to write and publish interactive stories. It’s perfect for writers who want to try out interactivity, but also for teachers and students looking to mix computer skills and creative writing.

Via Baiba Svenca
Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose)'s curator insight, December 21, 2012 2:38 AM

A nice feature of this resource is that you can export your story to Kindle for a small fee (approx $10). You be able to read your ebook on your Kindle, or sell it through Amazon. The ebook reads like a normal Kindle ebook, except that choices are included using hyperlinks.

Robert Sims's curator insight, March 14, 2013 10:36 AM

I can see many possibilities for use in enhancing ELA writing skills!


Rescooped by Margareta from School Libraries and the importance of remaining current.


Inklewriter | lärresurser | Scoop.it

This is a great writing tool for creating interactive (branching) stories. Readers can choose different options as the work through the story and find their own route through the materials.

Via Nik Peachey, Elizabeth Hutchinson
Martijn Koops's curator insight, January 5, 2013 6:15 AM

Tool voor het schrijven van branches stories, lezers kunnen keuzes maken in het verhaal en zelf hun route kiezen.

Biedt misschien mogelijkheid voor interactivce storytelling achtige spellen?

Ik heb het nog niet geprobbeerd moet ik erbij zeggen.

Lino's curator insight, January 7, 2013 8:31 AM

inklewriter es una herramienta gratuita diseñada para permitir que cualquiera pueda escribir y publicar historias interactivas. Es perfecto para los escritores que quieran probar la interactividad, pero también para los profesores y estudiantes que buscan combinar conocimientos de informática y escritura creativa.


Permite Exportar a Kindle

Puedes incluso, conseguir que tu historia se convierta en Kindle. Lee esta página para saber más! http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter/create-an-ebook ;


Y no se ha terminado aún ... inklewriter está siendo constantemente desarrollado y mejorado, y van agregando nuevas características.


Tamra Dollar's curator insight, July 19, 2013 9:01 PM

I'm going to use this in my creative writing studio this fall. It gives students voice and choice and taps into all elements of the writing process. Engaging and fun!