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Rescooped by sarspri from iGeneration - 21st Century Education!

MIT - Visualizing Cultures project

MIT - Visualizing Cultures project | Languages, Learning & Technology |

"Visualizing Cultures was launched at MIT in 2002 to explore the potential of the Web for developing innovative image-driven scholarship and learning. The VC mission is to use new technology and hitherto inaccessible visual materials to reconstruct the past as people of the time visualized the world (or imagined it to be).

Topical units to date focus on Japan in the modern world and early-modern China. The thrust of these explorations extends beyond Asia per se, however, to address "culture" in much broader ways—cultures of modernization, war and peace, consumerism, images of "Self" and "Others," and so on."

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Rescooped by sarspri from 21st Century World Language Teaching!

Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction

Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction | Languages, Learning & Technology |

[Excerpt]: "This site contains hundreds of visual aids (illustrations) that can be used to support instructional tasks such as describing objects and people (i.e., teaching vocabulary) or describing entire events and situations.


The illustrations were created as part of the Visuals for Developing Communication Skills in Foreign Language Classes project, initated by Paul Toth, former Director of the Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center. It was funded by the Provost through the Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence (ACIE) as part of the Innovation in Education Awards program.


All of the illustrations were drawn by Alec Sarkas from the Center for Instructional Development & Distance Education (CIDDE).


We also offer an another method for viewing these images via Bungee View, a visualization tool developed at Carnegie Mellon University to support casual users gaining an understanding on an image collection as a whole and in finding patterns in such collections."

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