The Use and Abuse of Technology in the Classroom | Languages, Learning & Technology |

Technology  should allow us to do new things that we thought were not possible. It is those new things that are the real value technology provides.  It is not enough to USE technology. You must use it well.

In the same way, having technology in my classroom does not mean that my students will discover how to use it as a learning tool. I have to carefully select and structure what it is used for so that it becomes truly educational. As with reading books, should not our goal be to develop independent learners? Here are my personal abuse and use lists for the handling of devices in the classroom.

Technology Abuses

Technology should not be used as simply a digital worksheet.

Technology should not be used as a way to keep students occupied.

Technology should not be used to do what can be done without it.

Technology Uses

Technology should be for accessing what was inaccessible...

Technology should be for doing good things in better ways..

Technology should be for sharing with the world...

Technology should be for connecting...

Technology should give choices. 





Via Anna Karidi Pirounaki