Facebook for (language) learning. (LLAS workshop at UCL language centre) | Languages in the UK | Scoop.it

"In London, at the UCL Language Centre, the participants of the workshop "Using Facebook for (language) learning" worked all day ( 12-5) on producing practical language immersion techniques to include as activities within FaceBook" says Julien Hamilton-Hart, who maintains a blog called Innovation in Language Teaching and Learning (http://iltl.wordpress.com).


He describes activities including:

- Creating a fictitious character’s profile

- Describing a family outing using YouTube videos

- Creating sub-pages to act as content repository pages to a course

- Using polled questions to promote inquisitive learning

- Using Dropbox to create links to activity filesUsing shared Google documents for activity preparation

- Creating a commented video from photos downloaded from the internet using Windows Movie Maker 2.6.

Via Shona Whyte