"Our project is a masterplan that is being informed with the landscape previously scanned by swarming robots in order to be able to classify certain geological condition, to produce the network structures on site. It is a non-additive architectural approach highly interrelated with the landscape through the creation of an artifcial terrain that has multi layer spaces and machinic ornamentation. The project is being developed through multi-agent system that are inspired by nature, in our case desert, dune feld pattern-formation, desert erosion processes, which are proliferating continuous spaces that have striated, contoured, cavernous surface aesthetics.We are envisioning with the addition of digital tools an advanced industrial process that would allow to create more responsive architectural solutions, low impact materials, which will lead toward better efficiency, and also more economical for long term use." The Environmental Scientist Village (ESV) is a research center for housing development in desertification endangered areas. DuneLab is a team of architects (Asa Darmatriaji, Timothée Raison, Olga Kovrikova) researching on the topic of adapting the living condition in desert. The research is being conducted at the Dessau Institute of Architecture, Germany under the program of STUDIO X, lead by professor Christos Passas.

Via Ignacio López Busón