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Excerpt from the article: 


A great landing page can easily increase conversion rates between 100 and 300 percent.


The process to getting a great landing page is deceptively simple and endlessly iterative:


1. Analyze

2. Design

3. Launch


5. Repeat :)


In this article you can find 7 LOW COST or FREE TOOLS will help you find fresh ideas for testing and make it easier to get those ideas into market more quickly.


You can try them all for a grand total of $157.


1. ClickTest (Free)

2. UserTesting ($39/test or $29 for your first order)

3. Concept Feedback ($99 per expert review)

4. Google Analytics (Free)

5. Balsamiq ( $79 desktop version -$12/month for web version)

6. Notable ($19+/month)

7. Unbounce (Free plan to start and $50/month)


Curated by Agostino Caniato:


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