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The manga’s artist Rem (Priscilla Hamby) is an American who grew up in Texas, and came to prominence by winning a number of prizes, including the prestigious Kodansha’s Morning International Manga Competition. She was the first North American to do so and get published for the Japanese audience.

Her artwork for Soulless is perfect. She has a very fine line, and a great eye for detail when needed; her architecture and technical elements show real beauty, while her skill at portraying the human form is without doubt. I was especially impressed by her lavish efforts of period elements, be it the costumes or carriages, and her skill at allowing the story to flow is apparent. There were a number of fully painted pages at the beginning, and this was a terribly unfair tease, as her fully painted artwork is to the highest calibre, but it in no way made me feel that I was receiving anything but black and white art of the highest order.