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Born on the island nation of the Dominican Republic, Elisa Féliz has been creating art since a very early age. At the age of ten she hard a copy strip published in her home country’s leading newspaper El Listen Diario, and in 2008 Féliz moved to the United States to attend the Kubert School. While attending school, she made her formal comics debut coloring the independent press book RX Tales and followed that up doing a two issues of a comic based on the television series Dallas. In 2009 she did the covers for six-part Villikon Chronicles: Proclivity  for publisher Silent Nemesis Workshop, and illustrated that series fifth issue. That same year, Féliz started her own comic publishing outfit — XSIDE Comics — for her own creator-owned work which are still in progress.

Since then Féliz took jobs as a colorist for 803 Studios’ KIP: Knowledge Is Power and worked with Jens Altman on a comic pitch titled Intrepid. During this time she also picked up a unique gig drawing and lettering a comic for the Girl Scouts called Your Multi-Gen Workforce, but her most well-known work to date was illustrating a story inside the Womanthology: Heroic anthology released in late 2011.