Share scoops directly to a LinkedIn | La lettre de Toulouse |

I’ve read recent news on how LinkedIn has become seriously interested in contentlaunching new features that encourage their users to rate each other on skills and expertise as well as engage with business visionaries.

Here at, we’ve known that content plays a significant role in developing thought leadership and brand equity. Today, we launched a new feature where you can share your scoops directly to a LinkedIn Group. Imagine that? You can strengthen your professional network by sharing ideas that matter to a community that cares for such insight and knowledge.

Interested in testing out this new superpower of curating? The steps below will show you how.


Connecting your LinkedIn Group to Your Account


1. Go to your account’s Sharing Options tab found on the Settings page and choose the LinkedIn Group icon.

2. After you allow access to your LinkedIn account, choose the LinkedIn Group to which you would like to share your scoops.


Now you’re ready to share your scoops!


1. Go to your topic page and click the share icon. Then choose your LinkedIn Group.

2. Check out your scoop on the LinkedIn Group page!


Happy scooping and don’t forget to follow on LinkedIn!