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from "About Docubase":


"Few things can compete with the emergence of a new media practice for sheer innovation and unpredictability. Conventions, orthodoxies and routine have not yet set in. Virtually anything is possible. Consider the earliest years of film, radio and television, when media makers engaged in unparalleled levels of experimentation thanks to the absence of rules. Today, this untamed creative fervor can be found in the new documentary – a fast-emerging form that includes interactive, participatory and community-created fact-based storytelling.


(...) As both a platform and an ongoing project, _docubase will keep pace with this rapidly changing field. New documentaries, freshly curated play lists and ever-changing contexts will enable users to transform the database into multiple, and multiply ordered collections. These collections and the ideas they stimulate offer ways to build a community of participants, to capture the unruly brilliance of our moment, and to envision the futures of the documentary."


A project of MIT

in affiliation with Opendoclab and NFB

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