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B2B marketing professionals know that a marketing automation campaign is most effective when it integrates ‘Off-Site’ channels (SEO, SEM, Email) with ‘On-Site’ marketing (landing pages, blogs, ecommerce) with the ultimate goal of personally engaging your customer from the first touch point through the targeted conversion event.


Recently, Dayna Rothman of Marketo discussed the limitations of email marketing due to the inability to keep leads engaged through one channel of communication.


“You have this huge database of leads that you are not able to leverage and you feel like you are having trouble keeping them engaged. You send out a couple of email blasts per month, but you have no idea where they are in the buying cycle or if your content is really resonating.”


The key is nurturing your leads and customers depending upon where they are in the buying process – whether they are on your site or off your site in a way that resonates.


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