'Accelerate Serendipity': Independent Workers Turn to Coworking for Structure and Social Life | La Cantine Toulouse | Scoop.it
In shared workspaces across the country, the sharing is almost as important as the space.


David Walker, relaxing on a green couch in an old house in east Austin, was spending a quiet, rainy afternoon chatting and working on his scrapbook. But that gives you the wrong impression of Walker, the scrapbook, the house, the conversation, and even the couch.

Walker is the co-founder of Conjunctured, a coworking space in East Austin. Several years ago, after hosting a handful of jellies—an unfortunate nickname for informal work sessions at a local coffee shop—he and his business partner raised some money and rented the house, which they kitted out with desks, lockers, a kitchenette, and local art.

Now, Conjunctured has 22 full-time members paying $275 a month each for a key to the space, plus a couple of dozen basic members, who rent space on more flexible terms. The scrapbook profiles the members, all of them independent workers looking for a way to reintroduce some of the structure and social life they had been missing in their home offices.