Le danseur de Kacchi ghodi | Serge Bouvet, photographe reporter | कृषी व्हिजन | Scoop.it

The travel photographer, Serge Bouvet, met this danser of Kachhi Ghodi in Kathputli Colony Slum (new Delhi). Bandit areas of Shekhawati have been behind the origin of this dance varieties. It is carried out to entertain the bridegroom and his escorts in a marriage party. Elaborate costumes are worn by the performers, which helps make them appear as if they are riding on horseback. Brandishing of swords, lively sidestepping and pirouetting to the songs and drums are made use of in the Kachhi Ghodi dance of Rajasthan.


Kachi Godi derives its name from the work Ghoodi meaning ‘mare’.

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