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How Ideas Die Prematurely

Most ideas die in your mind. In fact, here is an over-simplified representation of the journey of ideas.


1. Random Chatter

You get a lot of ideas and most of them are useless. This is not a bad thing as you need to get a LOT of ideas before some of them turn out to be GOOD ideas. Many ideas here are like mayflies – die extremely quickly


2. Death at First Filter

This is the next stage of elimination where you really give them your real attention and contemplate a bit. However, many ideas here won’t pass through your first filter – you realize very quickly that they were dumb ideas and don’t think about them again.


3. Death on Reflection

These ideas gain a lot more of your attention. But, upon reflection, you realize that they don’t deserve any more attention. You move on from them.


4. Death at First Contact

These ideas are the ones that pass through your first filter and you are confident enough to share them with others – at least with those that are close to you. You are super enthusiastic about these ideas but unfortunately, these ideas won’t survive the first contact of others. Your assumptions are questioned, other failed such attempts are highlighted and the classic – someone has already done it, so why bother?


5. Death by Marketplace Shift

You marinate several ideas in your mind for variety of reasons the most common of which being – you are waiting for the “right conditions” before you make the jump. However, while your marinating your ideas, the marketplace is not waiting for you and shifts happen. Instead of witnessing conditions that support your idea, you notice conditions that make it difficult for you to pursue them. You sadly abandon them.


6. Death by Holding on to the Past

This is where things seem fine externally for you to move forward but you don’t have the confidence to let go of the past and jump head on into the execution phase. Either you kill the idea blaming it on somebody else or simply blaming it on timing.


7. Death in the Chasm

This is where you are ready or at least you think you are ready but you are not able to get buy-in from the people that matter. In other words, you are unable to sell your idea and those unfortunate ideas end up in the chasm.

This article is about crossing the chasm by learning how to sell your ideas.....