At What Age Will Your Creativity Peak? | Kreativitätsdenken |


Victoria and Zoe Yin are young artists. At just 14 and 11, respectively, they have shown their work at expos, in galleries, and at art shows internationally and across the United States, selling paintings for tens of thousands of dollars. Not only are they young, they are extremely prolific. This brings up an age-old question: At what age are people most creative? Researchers, psychologists, art historians have studied, debated and pondered the correlation between age and artistic creativity throughout history. Pablo Picasso, Mozart, and T.S. Elliot all created some of their most well known art in their twenties, while Cezanne, Hitchcock, and Robert Frost produced some of their most important works in their forties, fifties and later. There are many views on subject of age and creativity, some conflicting, others enlightening. Harvey C. Lehman, a psychologist at the University of Ohio, dedicated much of his life to figuring out the ups and downs of artistic creativity. He concluded in his 1953 book Age and Achievement that regardless of the endeavor – art, poetry, fiction – achievement is a bell-curve, a single peak function of age.