How We are Losing our Freedom of Thought and Speech | Kreativitätsdenken |
You may have read George Orwell’s classic book, “1984," which focused on the way people can be misled and persuaded by a language where a political force with an agenda subtly alters definitions, censors words and creates new terms. The word “freedom,” for example, was redefined to mean “free from something,” such as grass free from weeds or a dog free from fleas. All this was intended to alienate people from independent thought and self reliance thereby clearing the way for government to control them. That was fiction.

What is not fiction is the way the present day language police have established an elaborate protocol of what is called a beneficent censorship. Politically correct school boards, bias and sensitivity committees now review, abridge, and censor texts which in their opinion are contain potentially offensive words, topics, and imagery. The members of sensitivity and bias committees are people with backgrounds in counseling, diversity training, guidance, bilingual education, and so forth.