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Next-gen iPad could use new LED backlighting system to cut weight

Next-gen iPad could use new LED backlighting system to cut weight | KnowYourUsers |

Adding to the bevy of rumors surrounding a next-generation iPad release, a report on Thursday says Apple will likely use a modified LED backlight apparatus in a bid to make the 9.7-inch tablet as thin and light as possible.

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8 Reasons Companies Should Adopt a Content Marketing Culture

8 Reasons Companies Should Adopt a Content Marketing Culture | KnowYourUsers |
Content marketing is not just the job of the marketing department. Here's why companies should adopt a content marketing culture throughout the company.

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Gary Pageau's curator insight, April 24, 2013 12:56 PM

All companies should start thinking like publishers...

Luigina Sgarro's curator insight, April 26, 2013 12:31 PM

E le aziende non si preoccupano abbastanza, invece, di orientare la propria cultura.

Jean-Baptiste Audrerie's curator insight, May 31, 2013 7:10 AM

Be smart and useful for your clients. They will follow-you. 

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gui design - Convincing importance of a great UI - User Experience Stack Exchange

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We have a good set of algorithms which are the core of our business. Our product itself works mostly as a plugin inside other workflows. There is web based UI which is used by some of our customers but it is not why people buy our software for.

Honestly speaking, our web UI does not look great and is not the best user experience out there. IMHO, it looks amateurish and I feel that it would affect the overall feel our our product. My manager disagrees, and he is only concerned about the functionality (of our algorithms) and could not care less about the web based UI/Setup screen quality etc.

I feel that new customers would not be impressed by our product when they first use it through our UI. What is the best way to convince higher ups, that UI is very much important part of the whole package and it greatly affects the impression that people get using it.

Am I being right here saying that the UI has to look great for the whole product to sell well and scale up?

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