The days of knowledge management are over. We need knowledge architects | Beyond KM |

" If you want to find one of the most vague, misunderstood, but critical roles in an enterprise it’s probably in a division called “knowledge management.” There’s a good chance that it’s not actually called that for fear of reprival. Fate wasn’t kind – and for that matter those pursuing the early stages of KM didn’t have it right. Organizations spent a large part of the new millennium investing in large toolsets, people, and infrastructure that largely became obsolete with the surge of web 2.0. Britannica vs Wikipedia… we know how that story went.


At the same time, it doesn’t take much of a leap of logic to connect the needs (and promises) of Knowledge Management with the reemergence of a world focused on “social business”, both in and out of the enterprise. Call it Enterprise 2.0, Social Business, or Knowledge Management, it’s all fundamentally the same thing – organizing knowledge and data in a way that’s most useful to those that want it and those that have it… simultaneously."

Via Dick Cheuk