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The road to knowledge is via conversations, connections and relationships. A curated magazine focusing on knowledge networking, sharing and collaboration in the Digital Workplace.
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Rescooped by Brad Abbott from Future Knowledge Management!

10 Destructive KM Myths

10 Destructive KM Myths | Beyond KM |

By David Griffiths:

"These 10 Destructive KM Myths seem to permeate conversations around the digital KM-sphere. They are not ranked and I am sure you could add to them, but, from my perspective, they need to be put out to pasture.

1. KM is technology

2. KM is about developing tools

3. It’s okay to start with KM and worry about the rationale later

4. Build it and they will come\

5. The SECI and DIKW models are the foundations of the field

6. KM emerged in the 1990′s

7. It’s okay for KMers to manage ‘parts’ in isolation (i.e. lessons learned)

8. It’s hard to determine value

9. KM is fuzzy and hard to define

10. KM is dead"

Via Karen du Toit
Karen du Toit's curator insight, September 13, 2013 3:16 AM

Great list!

Olivia Millard's curator insight, September 13, 2013 12:24 PM

A thought-provoking list. Would be interesting to see some responses to these in a KM Forum. I'd like to see some of them put out to pasture but I don't think we have all the answers yet.

Scooped by Brad Abbott!

What is the future of Knowledge Management?

What is the future of Knowledge Management? | Beyond KM |

What is the future of Knowledge Management? KM is in trouble in the present (see, “Is KM relevant anymore?”) and the signals are clear, adapt or risk being seen as irrelevant. We surely can’t continue to participate in the KM boundary conflict of the here-and-now, it is absorbing way too much energy and resource on arguments that are too often embedded in a bygone era. The focus needs to shift to shaping the future (keeping one eye on KM’s relevance in the present).

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