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The Curator Job Is To Unpack Specialized Information To An Interested Audience

As the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Thomas P. Campbell thinks deeply about curating—not just selecting art objects, but placing them in a setting where the public can learn their stories.

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Nancy White's curator insight, May 31, 2013 3:50 PM

Many good ideas can be found here regarding what we need to teach students about curating digital content for learning.  The importance of story - and to really look at something (or read it!).  The importance of asking quesitons and seeking answers before adding it to your curated collection to determine if it is a good fit. There are many parallels to the world of digital curation.

JC Dichant's curator insight, June 3, 2013 10:35 AM

vision globale intéressante

Lydia Gracia's curator insight, June 20, 2013 5:16 AM

Qui de mieux qu'un "conservateur" (=curateur) d'Art pour expliquer ce qu'est la Curation de Contenu?

Rescooped by Marie Jeffery from Content Curation for Online Education!

Keep Your Content Fresh With

Keep Your Content Fresh With | Knowledge Management - Insights from KM Institute |


Matt Tschoegl from “The Edublogger” has a post about practical ideas on how to put to good use. Some users find and other curating tools hard to work with. Their first impression is that they are looking at what seems a clutter of images and headlines where it isn’t easy to distinguish who is talking about what.

Good curation has the opposite effect: it aims at organizing information and making it comprehensible and clear. The best way to convince new users about the benefits of curation is to show good examples and let them see the relevance for themselves.


Some of Matt’s practical ideas to use with


1- Create a simple webpage for a single topic;

2- Publish a magazine for colleagues or like-minded types on pertinent topics;

3- Organize in one location materials to use in different classes;

4- Keep an updated page to teach about an active news item.


Check the author’s choice of curation page examples on



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