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Knowledge is the most important differentiation amongst successful and unsuccessful companies.
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71 Percent of Businesses Use Social Media [Infographic]

71 Percent of Businesses Use Social Media [Infographic] | Knowledge for Entrepreneurs |

Social media continues to be a key issue for businesses, and findings in this infographic show that 71.2 percent use social platforms for customer service, as well as conveying some fascinating insights into how businesses utilize these networks.


Among the findings, 87.5% have seen a positive impact from using social media. Only 11.5% of businesses saw no noticeable difference while 0.5% actually saw a negative difference. Compared to 2011, 13.7% more businesses have been utilizing social networks for upwards of two years.

Social media can be a far cheaper investment for customer service, as well - 77.6% of businesses have allocated less than $50,000 to their social media efforts in the past year. 11% have allocated $50,000 to $100,000, 5% have allocated $100,000 to $250,000, and 7% have spent over $250,000.


Take a look at the infographic and related article for more statistics on how companies are utilizing social media for positive benefit...

Via Lauren Moss, Noemi Szoychen
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Scooped by Dolly Bhasin!

Essentials of Knowledge Management Download eBook Online | Medarch.Net

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