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tutorials | lynda.com...by LA Times Journalist Richard Koci Hernandez


This is so cool -- using your phone to take photos and then putting them together to create stories to share.  Imagine how much fun this could be for a business -- and be really cool marketing.


The intro video is well worth watching. This is as series of video tutorials by LA Times photographer and journalist Richard K. Hernandez to teach you how to do great photography via your phone, use apps for editing, and then creating a story to share. He's ditched all of his other equipment and just uses his iphone now.


Now here's the bad news -- to get the rest of the tutorials it will cost you $25 for a monthly subscription.


But I'm going to do it because I think it will be worth it. Initially I thought -- geez, why bother? Photos of working at my computer will go only so far -- unless I capture my occasional computer meltdowns because technology is giving me fits that day. And photos of work with clients is going to get boring fast, too.


So what's a gal to do?  Well.....how about a photo story of a work trip, a photo story of a conference, a photo story of my client transformations, a photo story of workshop content & participant stories....hmmmm. Food for thought.  I'm sure I'll think of more!


What ideas come to your mind for your business?


Don't be put off when you link to the page -- it's very boring and when I first went there I wasn't sure what I was looking at.  But under the Introduction heading, link on Welcome and that will start the initial video.


Have fun creating awesome iphone stories!

Via Karen Dietz