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I still love Kierkegaard

I still love Kierkegaard | Knowledge Broker |

Søren Kierkegaard was the master of irony and paradox before both became debased by careless overuse. He was an existentialist a century before Jean-Paul Sarte, more rigorously post-modern than postmodernism, and a theist whose attacks on religion bit far deeper than many of those of today’s new atheists. Kierkegaard is not so much a thinker for our time but a timeless thinker, whose work is pertinent for all ages yet destined to be fully attuned to none.

Kenneth Mikkelsen's insight:

Kierkegaard is the dramatic thunderstorm at the heart of philosophy and his provocation is more valuable than ever.

Great writing by Julian Baggini.  

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Scooped by Kenneth Mikkelsen!

5 Reasons Why Most People Never Discover Their Purpose

5 Reasons Why Most People Never Discover Their Purpose | Knowledge Broker |

Living and working with purpose is a process of self-discovery - and one most of us never let ourselves undergo. Words of wisdom from Soeren Kierkegaard. 

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Support your reading with this article: Kierkegaard on Anxiety & Creativity.

Estelblau's curator insight, August 30, 2013 5:51 AM

Via @LeadershipABC

Gurmeet Singh Pawar's comment, August 30, 2013 6:26 AM
Each word flows with wisdom, Beautiful article. Must read for everyone.
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