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2013.05.09 - Velti sheds 200 employees in hint of trouble ahead for mobile ad firms - Mobile Marketer - Columns

2013.05.09  - Velti sheds 200 employees in hint of trouble ahead for mobile ad firms - Mobile Marketer - Columns | Kinh tế |
Velti, one of the leading mobile advertising and marketing technology firms worldwide, cut an estimated 200 employees from its workforce a couple of weeks ahead of its first-quarter earnings call on May 13.
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Not Everyone is a Storyteller | Post-Advertising, a Story Worldwide blog

Not Everyone is a Storyteller | Post-Advertising, a Story Worldwide blog | Kinh tế |

In the age of brand storytelling, here are the 5 basic rules for picking the right content agency to tell your brand’s story....


Content creation now is the biggest challenge of 21st century marketing. It’s time-consuming and complicated. Most startling to ad people, it requires a creative and strategic mindset that is alien to life-long inhabitants of adland. I still find myself explaining to agency people, for example, that good brand content must be ownable and original. Re-running content from well known magazines doesn’t build your brand, it spreads the magazines’ brands. Imitating others’ great content will sell about as well as Karaoke versions of classic hit songs.


“Native advertising” that’s really just offensively self-serving advertorial will both fail and embarrass. (For more on “native,” look at Native advertising will fail if it means ‘Let’s lie to the natives.’) Get brand content wrong and you can generate incredible brand damage. (Ask Fleet Laboratories’ Summer’s Eve “feminine wash,” Nestlé’s Kit Kat brand and many, many others.) But get it right and you generate legions of fans who promote your brand with more credibility, less cost and far greater effectiveness than you could ever muster with traditional ads.


This is the enormous pot of gold at the end of the content rainbow. (Ask Ford Fiesta or a host of Story clients, including WGN America, and others.)...

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, May 30, 2013 2:24 PM

useful overview of content marketing, how to get it right and strategies to avoid potential brand damage.

Mark Healy's curator insight, May 30, 2013 3:59 PM

There is a saying in life you get for what you pay for and in some cases that can be true.For example there is often a stereotype of the higher the price of a product the greater the quality it must be and i sometimes fall for this particularly when i go to my local supermarket morrisons shopping.


Often i see things too cheaply and think there must be a catch to this.However often companies target tourists unfairly and raise their prices accordingly for the same product that normally they sell to locals at a lower price.


I think thats totally wrong, its manipulation and unfair, but there are traders who still use this to take advantage, its crazy.


When it comes to advertising i don’t want you to lose money.Have you ever lost money on google adwords, i have and lost alot too, so i have come up with a few ways i have used to get free or low cost advertising.


1.Creating BillBoards On Wheels.

   Let me explain there are companies out there with vehicles that don’t have signs on them.Yet these same companies pay for advertising space elsewhere.

You can even take this opportunity of approaching these companies and setting up a deal for some advertising space or have an advert of your own on your company vehicle.Have your own website URL shown on these vehicles can get you some customers/clients month in and month out.


2.Getting others to advertise for you.

   If you have employees and you treat them right and use F.O.R.M daily ( I will talk about this another time), you will gain a great rapport with your employees and that they will talk about how cool your company is to work for.They will tell people on facebook, their family and friends and neighbours etc, in other words they will get you referrals for your business.

On the other hand this can backfire if you treat them badly, they can hurt your business long term, so make them feel special and you will see the rewards i promise.

Also give away pens, cups, t shirts with your logo on can be a cool way to get your name out there without doing much work. I have even left an audio CD at hotel rooms etc and got people interested in what i have to offer.Its sneaky but works.

Ask your customers and clients to spread the word about your business and give them your business cards as you never know who they might know or bump into.Leaving flyers at pubs and restaurants is also a cool way to get advertising.


3. Invite Clients and Customers to lunch.

   This is a great way to not only get inside your customers mind about your product, but also how it can be improved while at the same time getting you repeat business and referrals.You need to know who your spending top customers are and why they spend money with you and what their goals are in the future.


4. Ignore the Ratecard.

    A Ratecard is a list of advertising prices for certain options. For example if i phone up a newspaper or magazine i like to ignore the ratecard and do a deal.It shows you have experience and i often tell them i will advertise with them for X amount of weeks for a discounted price if the advert pulls.

By sticking to the rate card you run the risk of them thinking you are a newbie.Always know what the ratecard advertising rates are and negotiate down always.


If however you expect a certain slot and time for advertising, you may not get much leeway.Also look at your advertising budget and will this magazine/ newspaper be a good fit for my product article.The more adverts in a certain newspaper and magazine the more traffic its getting.

With rate cards you need to pretend you are in a market with a trader and are haggling for that product you want.


5.One thing i am testing as this moment is trying to get FREE Publicity for nothing.


The plan is to look at articles in newspapers and magazines and get a feel for why they work and why they get published.Then i will model the best elements and create my own article and submit this to journalists. There is a ton of marketers doing this every month and get great results, plus it does not cost you a penny. 

All journalists need new content and rather than pay someone to write it or write it themselves, your article could be chosen.I will keep you posted on the results.


5. Integration Marketing.

   Get your adverts on other peoples thank you pages and sales funnels It’s a low cost way to get you more traffic back to your websites whilst you leverage all the hard work of other marketers. You could even have banner adverts on their thank you pages or your offers on their autoresponder sequence.


Look for Warrior special offers on the warrior forum , contact the owners and ask them if you can put your advert on their TY page. As WSOS’ get a ton of traffic you will get a ton of exposure.

Do rocket deals with companies on page 1 google. Tell them if you can put your advert up you will give them 50% commission on any sales for your product and you will guest post 1 article every week to them etc.Add value to their business.


You could even put your adverts on forums in exchange for monitoring the forum part time or put your advert inside another marketers membership sites, now you have access to all their customer members every month and new members that join.

Neil Gains's curator insight, May 31, 2013 2:40 AM

Good insight on how brands should approach storytelling

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Mobile Advertising – Statistics and Trends

Mobile Advertising – Statistics and Trends | Kinh tế |
Growth in Mobile Internet Usage
The growth in mobile internet usage has seen exponential growth in recent years.

Mobile Advertising statistics
This infographic outlines interesting statistics re

Via TechinBiz
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Trade tiff is sign not to start war with Beijing - Telegraph

Trade tiff is sign not to start war with Beijing - Telegraph | Kinh tế |
Beijing’s instant and ultra-assertive response to a solar panel spat is a sign that the West would be crazy to ignore.

Via Graham Watson
Graham Watson's curator insight, June 9, 2013 4:55 AM

Liam Halligan gives personal perspective on the ongoing Sino-EU trade dispute, highlighting the plight of a neighbour who runs a solar installation business. The points he raises chime in with mine from earlier this week, in that the EU appears to be ignoring new economic realities in spoiling for a fight with the Chinese. 


As the article concludes, rightly in my opinion, we need them more than need us...well worth a read pre-Tuesday. Good luck!

Ambrose Iu's comment, June 10, 2013 6:07 PM
Sir you mean: “we” (west) need them a lot more than “they” (east) need us.
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A Monetarist Approach: Did the Fed Cause the Euro Crisis with Excessive Monetary Easing? - SNB & CHF

A Monetarist Approach: Did the Fed Cause the Euro Crisis with Excessive Monetary Easing? - SNB & CHF | Kinh tế |
The Fed's excessive monetary easing QE2 caused an inflationary period, that created a balance of payments crisis during which the Eurozone members were obliged to introduce excessive austerity measures.

Via Bruce Fellowes
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2013.06.12 - Sẽ có phương án giải quyết nợ xấu của DN bất động sản | Tài chính - ngân hàng |

2013.06.12 - Sẽ có phương án giải quyết nợ xấu của DN bất động sản | Tài chính - ngân hàng | | Kinh tế |
Ngân hàng Nhà nước sẽ thành lập Công ty quản lý nợ, nhằm thu hồi tiền khó đòi của các doanh nghiệp bất động sản.
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News From the Advertising Industry - New York Times

News From the Advertising Industry - New York Times | Kinh tế |

Advertising spending in publications aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender readers totaled $322.6 million last year, up 5.1 percent from 2011, according to the annual Gay Press Report...

Via Matt Skallerud
Matt Skallerud's curator insight, June 10, 2013 8:14 AM

Nice inclusion by Todd Evans of Rivendell Media

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The thriving middle class

The thriving middle class | Kinh tế |
“THE biggest thing we have is the words ‘Great Britain',” says Stewart McIntyre, managing director of Sunseeker, a maker of luxury motor yachts. His firm...

Via Geoff Riley
Geoff Riley's curator insight, June 9, 2013 6:47 AM

Importance of mid sized firms for the UK economy is often over-looked. Here are some good examples.