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E-Learning and Online Teaching (Blended) Graduate Certificate

E-Learning and Online Teaching (Blended) Graduate Certificate | Keep learning |

Via Dennis T OConnor
Simon Awuyo's curator insight, January 16, 2:42 AM

 There is an up coming project in which I expect to participate in and the knowledge and skills I acquire will make me to be a contributor.

Tina Jameson's curator insight, April 30, 7:18 PM

For those wanting to seriously develop their online skills at a post graduate level this is a possible option:

"Prepare for designing online courses, teaching in blended or online classes or training in e-learning settings."
"The courses are designed for experienced trainers and educators interested in entering the field of online teaching or those who wish to blend web-based instruction into their face-to-face classes." 

Joyce Valenza's curator insight, Today, 8:45 AM

Prepare for teaching in blended or virtual online classrooms or training in e-learning settings. Become an effective online instructor.


About Us: The University of Wisconsin-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program specializes in highly personalized, discussion-based training in how to teach online. 

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We're Teaching History Wrong (Memorization?)

We're Teaching History Wrong (Memorization?) | Keep learning |
For many students, history is not presented as an edifying learning experience but rather a litany of disconnected events, writes Vicky Schippers.

Via Tom D'Amico (@TDOttawa)
cameron kopp's curator insight, November 13, 2013 4:29 PM

Very interesting article.  The author speaks of students that do not connect themselves to history, and instead they are just overwhelmed by the facts, and dates.  I think we see this much  much more in our students today.  I would use this article to realize that sometimes I need to change my strategies to get through to students.  I think this makes me realize that we need to make history relatable to the students.  I would use this for myself just to remember to make everything relatable because we saw how much more interested the student was once it was relatable.