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Open borders, lifelong learning

Open borders, lifelong learning | Keep learning |

Education is increasingly offered freely online through organizations such as edX and Coursera, where credits can be transferred to a credential. This recognizes learners’ desire for agency in acquiring education. Mozilla’s Open Badges program takes this agency further, offering badges that indicate skills gained through practice of an activity outside of school. Badges are passport stamps that emphasize experiential learning. Learning by doing is an important pedagogical principle – practising what you are learning leads to more “sticky knowledge.” Badges let learners display their expertise to potential employers through a social media profile or online resumé. This approach acknowledges that throughout their lives, people will constantly update and acquire credentials and experiences – and that they want to display these as part of their career development.

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Rescooped by Giselle Pempedjian from E-Learning and Online Teaching!

25 Tips to Make the Most of a MOOC - Online College Search - Your Accredited Online Degree Directory

25 Tips to Make the Most of a MOOC - Online College Search - Your Accredited Online Degree Directory | Keep learning |
Massive online open courses (also known as MOOCs) are quite popular these days. A huge, or massive, version of open online courses, these classes bring thousands together, often around the world, to learn simultaneously. Discussions, connections, and learning are the focus on MOOCs, but with the low level of commitment and their overwhelming nature, it’s easy to get disconnected. Read on, and we’ll share 25 ways to stay in the loop, on task, and get the most out of your MOOC experience.

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