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From Karen: Now here's another cool tech tool to help augment our business storytelling! Thanks to Siobhan-O-Flynn for finding and sharing this! Below is part of the artice but there's so much more the article talks about regarding Meograph:


Meograph, new storytelling startup that launched in July, gives online journalists and storytellers an added dimension that too often has been missing: context.


With Meograph, you can create what co-founder and CEO Misha Leybovich calls "4D storytelling" through a simple interface that lets users add images, video and text to a story they want to tell. It's free.


"The big vision is that we want to democratize the creation of interactive video storytelling," Leybovich said over coffee at ING Cafe in San Francisco earlier this month.


Today if you have a story to tell, you can publish a video to YouTube and write a blog post about it, but it starts to get funky if you want to add a lot of photos or tell how the story evolves over time. Meograph lets you create and share interactive stories that combine video with maps, a timeline and links, filling in that often missing context of where and when...

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