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CrowdsUnite bring order and transparency to the crowdfunding industry. There are over  800 funding websites globally and every week new ones are created for specific demographic, region or category.

They categorize all of the websites and allow users to filter, sort, and compare them (by country, industry/category, plarform type, campaign type). Each profile page has reviews and articles which help to validate the funding sites.+ News about crodwfunding platforms.




Just because a crowdfunding site is popular doesn’t mean it’s the most successful.

That’s why, a guide to the top 100 crowdfunding sites in the world, has begun adding two important metrics from leading campaign aggregator ( to its site profiles: the campaign success rate and the average amount raised per campaign. These two figures, which are already featured in the profiles of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Rockethub,  will help those interested in crowdfunding find the platform most likely to meet their goals.

“There’s nothing more important in crowdfunding than picking the right platform,” said Alex Feldman, CEO of

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