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Scooped by Karen Dietz

Telling Stories. | Clarity and Perspective about Online Marketing

Telling Stories. | Clarity and Perspective about Online Marketing | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

"It’s probably too early to select the “catchphrase of 2012,” but as an early front-runner you’d have to go with Storytelling."

I love this article because it's straight talk about biz storytelling. My favorite quote from this article is: "In the world of sales, the idea of Storytelling is often little more than a sophisticated way to say 'pitching.' We go to great lengths improve the way we tell our story." Ugghhh.

But then the author says, " Truth is, the only story customers want to hear is their own."

He then explains more about how businesses need to tell their customers stories and avoid telling the wrong story. It's a great quick read! Enjoy the insights.

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Suggested by Jim Signorelli

Crafting Brands Through The Power of Story

Crafting Brands Through The Power of Story | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

However, the stories that have the most long-term impact are those that are emotionally charged with some value or belief that resonates with us: persistence pays, love makes the world go ‘round, crime doesn’t pay etc. This is often referred to as the story’s theme or message, and the more unique the theme, the more powerful the story.

Here's the link that works! 


What I really like about this article is how the author talks about the need for story themes in branding. This is key to creating a brand strategy built in story sharing.

As the author says, "Many brands fall short of story theming in the truest sense of the word. Keep in mind that a story theme idea is different from what many refer to as an advertising theme line. In fact, many and arguably most so-called theme lines are promises or benefit claims. They have nothing to do with a universal belief with which audiences can identify or rally around. Many advertising theme lines would be more accurately labeled 'plot lines.' "

Read more to gain insights into story branding themes and how to make them work for you in 2012. 

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Scooped by Karen Dietz

The Art of Storytelling and Implications for Advertising

The Art of Storytelling and Implications for Advertising | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it
If you look back across the history of mankind, storytelling has played a vital role in propagating culture, from community to community, across generations.

I'm a little late in curating this article, but I'm glad I waited because when paired with another recent article in this collection, you'll get a double-whammy of ideas and tips.

Let's start first with this article.  I like how the author lays out the importance of storytelling in advertising. And when he says, "In the strictest sense, a story has a narrative ark, a beginning, middle and end; however in advertising we can be looser in our definition" he's actually talking about using story triggers, i.e. bits of material that trigger a story within us.

He then goes on to point out how the UK company Sainsbury has combined ads with rich content.  Are these actually stories?  I couldn't tell.  But the idea is there: link ads and stories in content modules that flow together!

For additional ideas on how to do this that creates more engagement, go read the next article on "3 Powerful Game Dynamics That Create Brand Superfans." It's a winning combo.

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Scooped by Karen Dietz

No Story No Fans

No Story No Fans | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

Yeah! Raf Stevens' new book "No Story No Fans" is finally available.


I had a chance to review an advanced copy and loved it.  The focus of the book is how to use storytelling to grow your business.  Perfect!


This is a next generation book on business storytelling.  We've had fabulous books written on business storytelling over the years.  They set the foundation for biz storytelling, and gave us some tools to help us.  


Raf's book gives concrete ways to use stories in marketing, branding, and advertising your business. Combined with Annette Simmon's book "Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins," you've got a powerhouse of help to accelerate your business resuls.


Here are just a few things that I like about the "No Story No Fans" book:


1) That Raf shared lots of stories, and modeled good storytelling.
2) The concept and language of story trading -- the true power of business storytelling.  I've used the terms 'story sharing' for years, but I like Raf's term better and will start using that.
3) His process for working with story circles -- it is very well articulated and you can use it too.
4) The different types of story applications talked about.
5) And of course, all of the points Raf discusses, explains, illustrats and brinhd home to us about the importance of storytelling, why/how it works, and how we need to shift our thinking/practices about branding, marketing, advertising. 
6) That I got to see my esteemed colleagues and friends in his book: Gregg Morris, Annette Simmons, Steve Denning, Kat Hansen, & Cynthia Kurtz.
7) I also love that Raf used crowd sourcing and the cloud along with the QR codes to create and share his book, plus offer you tools to grab. It's really cool and as you read the book, you'll see what I mean.


Good job Raf!  And readers, I encourage you to add this book to your resources.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Rescooped by Karen Dietz from Story and Narrative

Even Technology Companies Know the Future of Advertising Is Storytelling

Even Technology Companies Know the Future of Advertising Is Storytelling | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it
The next wave of mega-growth will not stem from a new algorithm or new digital video compression mechanism. Rather it will come from the advancement of the classic art of storytelling.


Storytelling's popularity continues to grow in various business sectors, as this article clearly states. I love the points it makes about how companies today are waking up to the power of storytelling in both strategic thinking and tactical skills for marketing, branding, and advertising.  Good points are also made about storytelling as a 'pull' not 'push' medium, and that people remember not the products/services you are selling, but the stories around them.


Now I wonder, of all the people listed at this conference talking about storytelling, how many have actually been trained in oral storytelling skills?


Not many, I bet.  To get the results you want, with less effort, don't bumble around in the dark -- get trained by professionals trained in oral storytelling skills!  Why oral storytelling skills?  It's the gold standard in story training for businesses, building the needed listening, evoking, crafting, and telling skills. From there, add training in presentation skills, digital storytelling, brand storytelling, etc.


OK -- enough of my soap box :).  Go read the article and get clued into the future of advertising.  And get ideas about how you can bring stories more into your marketing efforts.


Thanks to Gregg Morris @greggvm for sharing this article with me!

Via Gregg Morris
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Scooped by Karen Dietz

15 copywriting [story] formulas that sell like gangbusters

15 copywriting [story] formulas that sell like gangbusters | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

In the world of copywriting, there are plenty of arcane formulas. Some are useful. Some are absurd. But all of them are interesting. I’ve collected copywriting formulas over the years and would like to share 15 of the very best.

Now here's a list of writing formulas that could easily be used to structure your biz stories, or used to structure marketing pieces where you add a series of mini-stories!

What a great post to get our creative juices flowing.  And I like that these are proven formulas. I'm taking this post with me to my 2012 biz planning session and will pick a few to use in next year's marketing & story campaigns!

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Scooped by Karen Dietz

Forget About Branded Content, Tell a Great Story - Forbes

Forget About Branded Content, Tell a Great Story - Forbes | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it
Image via Wikipedia In a few short years, our ability to forcibly interrupt consumers with our advertising is going to be greatly diminished.  There will be more channels, more content across more screens, and many fewer interruptive ads.  Yes, we...

What great insights this article has! We already know storytelling is key to successful marketing but the author goes even further when saying, "But the concept of branded content is fundamentally flawed. By definition, branded content doesn’t even need to be good content. As long as we remain focused on creating something “branded,” we are missing the entire reason consumers are watching in the first place. It is a very subtle idea that requires brand managers and CMOs to shake off some of their core beliefs about how we talk to our customers."

And, "It’s not logical to think that consumers will ever volunteer to watch or share our marketing, so let’s stop making marketing and instead start telling stories. We need to unshackle ourselves from old formats and embrace an idea that has existed since humans first began communicating."

Read the article for other great words of wisdom -- along with understanding the bleak future of marketing and advertising if we don't shift business efforts into becoming story-centric.

The only piece that's missing in this post is any discussion about the fundamental dynamic of storytelling:  story sharing. It seems the author is still focused on broadcasting stories instead of engaging in swapping stories with customers (i.e. listening to their stories in return).

But one step at a time :) ....

janlgordon's comment, December 5, 2011 1:06 PM
Hi Robin,
Excellent piece! I love your observations and agree with you - "brands need to engage in swapping stories and listen to their stories in return"
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, December 5, 2011 10:00 PM
Thanks Khaled. Marty
Scooped by Karen Dietz

How Storytelling by Apple, Google, Chevy Led to Success | Guest Columnists - Advertising Age

How Storytelling by Apple, Google, Chevy Led to Success | Guest Columnists - Advertising Age | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it
In advertising, the art and craft of storytelling is central to building, maintaining and strengthening the bonds between consumers and brands.

I agree with 99% of what is in this article.  It is a meaningful discussion about storytelling, branding, technology and how much branding/ad professionals need to get better at the whole storytelling thing. The authors are Randy Rothenberg, the president-CEO of IAB and Mike Hughes, the president of the Martin Agency.

I actually got even more insights from the 4 comments other people left on the site -- so don't forget to read those also.

Here's my only quibble and it's something I've noticed in many branding articles.  It's the notion that TV, the news media, radio, etc. are the only ways people have been receiving stories for the last several decades.  The notion is that people are now liberated because they can actively create and share their own stories due to technology. That's silly.

Of course people have been making up and sharing stories with each other for millenia.  So let's keep in mind that when professionals in marketing/branding/ad/pr industries talk this way, they are really only sharing about the mindset of their worlds.

Up until recently that mindset has been about the pushing and telling of messages.  Now there is a revolution underway that is about corporations engaging in sharing stories back and forth with customers.

Which gets us back to the point of the article -- we need to think better about our stories, build storytelling skills, and understand the dynamics of story sharing.

Tom George's comment, November 5, 2011 2:33 AM
Thank you for sharing this today Karen. I think your commentary is good. I shared your piece on Internet Billboards.
Karen Dietz's comment, November 5, 2011 10:13 AM
Many thanks for the shares and re-scoops!
Rescooped by Karen Dietz from Story and Narrative

Social Media Storytelling: Is Advertising better than Marketing?

Social Media Storytelling: Is Advertising better than Marketing? | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

"Social Media is all about storytelling, or so the “guru’s” will tell you. That’s when they aren’t telling you that it’s all about relationships. Ok so I am supposed to tell stories to people so they will “like” me as a brand and that will create a relationship? Actually that is a pretty fair description of the way social media should work. It can’t be about a relationship without there first being something to attract attention. Back in the day, as people are want to say around here (Texas), we used to practice a principle called AIDA - Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. That has, for some people, fallen out of favor, but I have no idea why. It works, and it works at all levels of human interaction - which is afterall what Social Media is supposed to be about."


I like this article because like others, it shows us how little advertising and marketing has changed over the years.  And that the advent of social media hasn't changed the basic principles of marketing, advertising, or storytelling either.


Yet why should YOU read it?  Because mastering the principles of AIDA and storytelling are all you really need to pay attention to.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed these days trying to grapple with all the technology wonders of the internet, social media, digital storytelling, transmedia storytelling, etc.--  plus the effects of these on marketing for businesses of all sizes.  Ay yi yi.  But really -- just stick to the knitting of AIDA and storytelling to get ahead.


There are videos to view from the 1970s and today that prove the author's point.  The author's final words are that storytelling has always been at the center of advertising and marketing -- and always will be. 


Thank you Gregg Morris @greggvm for sharing this article with me.

Via Gregg Morris
Mae Combridge's curator insight, September 25, 11:09 PM

Food for thought. I do think because of the change in trends of media and technology advertising and marketing has really broadened and there is a gap in some companies because they can't keep up. But really using basic campaigns and techniques a campaign can use social media as a platform as opposed to a whole new advertising sector.

Rescooped by Karen Dietz from Story and Narrative

The Saatchi & Saatchi Fuck Up Shows Why Storytelling is Best Left to PRs

The Saatchi & Saatchi Fuck Up Shows Why Storytelling is Best Left to PRs | Just Story It Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

Posted from fellow curator Gregg Morris on his Story and Narrative newsletter:


For those who’ve not heard, a Saatchi & Saatchi campaign for client Toyota has led to a $10m suit being filed against the ad firm and the car company, as well as various individuals connected with the campaign.

The campaign, which allowed people to sign up their friends to be ‘pranked’ with a serious of worrying emails from one of 5 colourful fictional characters, was a bungled attempt by the Saatchi suits to make the world’s most boring car company look radical. This is a textbook example of why forging the brand narrative is best left to the publicists: the creative excellence of Ad Agencies does not extend to long form narrative content.


Go read the rest of the story....

Via Gregg Morris
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