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Curated by Karen Dietz
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Scooped by Lianne Picot

'Goodnight nobody. Goodnight mush.' 3 Things Corporate Storytellers Can Learn from “Good Night Moon”

Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is one of the most requested children’s books of all time. But it wasn’t always that way. It took time for parents, librarians and others to appreciate the rhyming sentence structures, rhythm, simple messages, and colorful images embedded in the book. Today, Good Night Moon has sold over 11 million copies, and there are valuable lessons from its rise from obscurity to best seller, especially as corporate storytellers work on their craft of creating more compelling documents and presentations.
Lianne Picot's insight:

In business storytelling we worry far too much about the comparison between children's stories and business stories. The reality is that children's stories are often very powerful, memorable and enjoyable. Business storytelling has much to learn from the stories we read/heard as kids as is pointed out in this article by Paul Barsch.'Goodnight Moon' was a big favourite in my house and my son and I still repeat some of the phrases to each other despite the fact that we have not read it in years. Great business stories can have that kind of longevity too! The article gives us some great tips on making that happen!

This review was written by Lianne Picot, founder of the Story Powered® Institute for her curated content on business storytelling at www.scoop.it/t/just-story-it 

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Scooped by Karen Dietz

Work & Life -- 2 Quick Inspiring Stories

Work & Life -- 2 Quick Inspiring Stories | Just Story It! Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

Well, thats how it works. You start thinking about how you spend or sell your life, and you get a kick in the butt or a pat on the back as the case may be. You hear a story, you meet a real hero, and if you’re lucky, a butterfly might even flutter by and remind you of your own beauty and potential to make a difference!

Here's the 2nd article for inspiration on this Wednesday.


This is a recent post by friend and colleague Bob Kanegis. When I read it I said, "Ahhh yes, this is what work and life is all about. What great reminders."

When I read these 2 quick stories I just loved their beauty, poetry, and wisdom. I hope by reading these you are uplifted and inspired, and leave the post feeling well fed.

Many thanks Bob for these gifts!

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Scooped by Karen Dietz

The Story Behind The ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ Poster - DesignTAXI.com

The Story Behind The ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ Poster - DesignTAXI.com | Just Story It! Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it
The Story Behind The ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ Poster - DesignTAXI.com...

For Friday's light reading:

Here's the amazing story about how this poster came to be during WWII and how it was rediscovered in 2000.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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Scooped by Karen Dietz

Fab Biz Story Example for Marketing!

Fab Biz Story Example for Marketing! | Just Story It! Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

I was at a meeting today and my friend Barbara showed me this postcard (see photo above) she received in the mail from the motivational products company Baudville. Barbara runs Mind Masters, a small business coaching enterprise. As we passed around the postcard we all remarked at how personalized the card was -- mentioning Barbara and her company by name. Now that impressed us!

But even better yet, I love Baudville's creative use of story for promo purposes. From what I know about Baudville, it seems their culture is in alignment with their marketing -- which is what we want. Anyway, this is a terrific idea and story! We were all smiling as we read it. 

If you are not able to read the text on the photo above, here is the story:

"Once upon a time, a company called Baudville offered Barbara $25 to give their products another try. Barbara accepted the offer, but saving a bundle on some amazing employee recognition tools was just the beginning. As Baudville products circulated Mind Masters, joy erupted, scattering polka dots and moonbeams throughout the air. Goodwill became contagious, productivity soared, and spirits rocketed into the stratosphere. Some even say a unicorn was spotted that day. A miracle? Nope, we get that all the time. And that's how Barbara saved the day (and $25)."

What a hoot! And you can do this too for your biz :)) 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone and chat with you next week. 

Keep sharing your stories!

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at www.scoop.it/t/just-story-it 

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Rescooped by Karen Dietz from Storytelling, Social Media and beyond

Storytelling is the New Currency in Digital Marketing

Storytelling is the New Currency in Digital Marketing | Just Story It! Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

This piece is from Evivio Blog - I selected this piece because today is the beginning of the Reinvention Summit where people from all over the world gather together to hear and share stories of change. All businesses are going through reinvention, telling the right stories to connect with their audiences in a new way is crucial. 

This is a review by my curating buddy Jan Gordon. I couldn't have said it better myself! Enjoy her review:


Here are some highlights:


**Stories are the new currency in digital marketing, as digital media allow consumers a surfeit of channels to listen to and engage on.


**Consumers want to be engrossed and entertained, and as with other entertainment media, they expect a story.


But stories are not just entertaining.


**Stories are useful, descriptive, beautiful, interesting: shareable.


**Shareable, and participatory: when your audience shares your content, they often add their perspective to it, adding social credence that can further enhance its relevance


**The iconic marketing goal of the social media era is ‘viral’ content – a video, photo or other content that spreads like a virus from host to host, making millions of people laugh, cry or think.


**But one must consider how many of those attempts at ‘viral’ marketing have succeeded.


**On a Wikipedia list of the most viral internet memes very few of them are associated with a brand and those that are were almost always created by a third party or viewed as a public joke.


**Trying to produce a viral internet meme is like trying to stand up on a water slide. The chances that you will fall flat on your face and look pretty silly in the process are very high.


**Rather than attempting to create ‘viral’ content, marketers should aim for ‘shareable’ content. That is, content that genuinely affects their target demographic; content that addresses real problems or communicates similar ideals.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Storytelling, Social Media and Beyond"


Read full article here: [http://ht.ly/aiwUY]

Via janlgordon
misslenali's comment, April 21, 2012 12:34 PM
:) you´re very welcome Karen I probably will rescoop more from you!
I like you.....
Deb Nystrom, REVELN's curator insight, January 2, 2013 1:43 PM

There are few things so captivating, so memorable, as a good story.  Change is empowered by sharing examples of what works, or what changes feature quick wins.  Digital marketers are the purveyors.  

What is really needed are change leaders who stir the mix so the stories come forward.  Change Leaders champion the best stories and shape their cultures with them.  ~  Deb

Audrey's curator insight, January 5, 2013 3:59 PM

After reading your article I am going to do some of my lessons as stories. You know psychology is an area of study which naturally lends itself to story telling; audrey@homeschoolsource.co.uk

Rescooped by Karen Dietz from Storytelling, Social Media and beyond

Social Media has Evolved into the Art of Storytelling, and We Must All Become Masters of it.

Social Media has Evolved into the Art of Storytelling, and We Must All Become Masters of it. | Just Story It! Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

From curator Jan Gordon: This piece was written by Lauren Fisher for Simply Zesty - Lots of good insights and resources. I'm paraphrasing what caught my attention from the perspective of brand storytelling and how important narrative is in today's marketplace.

Fellow curator Jan Gordon found this article and wrote a great review below (she said it all, there's nothing more for me to add!) -- 



Social media now as an essential form of communication, another side we don't often consider is its role in the evolution of storytelling. Throughout nearly every society and stage in history, storytelling has had a crucial role to play.


How this applies to social media


**we are now all storytellers, telling a story about ourselves through social media that plays a crucial role in the way in which others perceive us, but also, interestingly, how our own lives are preserved.


Here's my takeaway:


**It's important for brands to tell stories that speak to their consumer's needs and core values. Stories that are constantly evolving and living in real time because of digital technology and social networking .


**Stories become conversations that can lead to transactions and brand loyalty


Those brands or individuals that are succeeding the most in social media are those that are able to tell the best stories through digital means, in the most interesting ways.


Some people understand this better than others. Some for example understand the need to constantly create new ‘chapters’ in the story, to use social media constantly to share and create information so that our own personal timelines or stories consistently grow and provide entertainment.


Not only building up a more complete history of ourselves, but a more adept form of entertainment at the time. In just a few years we will have mastered the art of social media and that means we will have become masters of storytelling.


********The consequences of this for society are wide-reaching and most importantly, fundamental for connecting societies and individuals in a completely new way.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Storytelling, Social Media & Beyond"


Read full article here: [http://bit.ly/vjd2fw]

Via Gregg Morris, janlgordon
janlgordon's comment, November 20, 2011 10:29 AM
Hi Gregg, This piece is a real gem, thanks for sharing it!
Gregg Morris's comment, November 20, 2011 10:49 AM
Thank you Jan!

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