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In Storytelling, Get A Bigger Win By Focusing On Solutions

In Storytelling, Get A Bigger Win By Focusing On Solutions | Just Story It! Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it
Some groups are adopting a storytelling genre that focuses on how communities rebuild and recover after natural disasters and other difficult times.
Karen Dietz's insight:

I've written before about news stories using a structure (the pyramid with the key message/details in the first paragraph) that is the direct opposite of classical storytelling (inverse pyramid with key message at the end). So I was fascinated by this article that talks about how and why news stories need to change -- and the role business and nonprofit stories can play.

I love the concept of 'restorative stories' as an antidote to the newsfeeds. And the call to news organizations to tell better stories. The role of nonprofits and business? To craft 'restorative stories' as a way to build visibility, advance their vision/mission, grow, and make a difference in the world. Makes perfect sense to me.

So the question is -- are you telling restorative stories? Read the article to find out. Great points are made here, along with concrete steps to take. Yeah!

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at www.scoop.it/t/just-story-it

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Suggested by @zbutcher

Confusion Alert: Is Corporate Storytelling Replacing News?

Confusion Alert: Is Corporate Storytelling Replacing News? | Just Story It! Biz Storytelling | Scoop.it

"Today's discussion: When journalism's business model falters, should we all jump ship to 'corporate storytelling,' also known as content marketing?"

Karen Dietz's insight:

Fellow curator zbutcher sent me this piece and I think it is worth commenting on.

Basically, this article is about how corporate storytelling is perhaps replacing journalism. But what I experience as I read this article is that there's a lot of confusion between effective corporate storytelling, journalism, and public relations (PR).

So this is a problematic article on many fronts, and it helps inform us about what we need to do and not do when working in business storytelling. It may even help those corporations trying to do good storytelling where they might be going astray because the story label is applied so broadly.

You should know that I was trained as a journalist, and worked in that capacity, oh so many years ago. There is a huge difference between news stories, feature stories, and the kind of storytelling we talk about here, even though they are all called stories. 

News stories are crafted as a pyramid. The who, what, when, where, why goes at the top. Stories follow an inverted pyramid where a context is set and then we drive home to the point of the story at the bottom. Feature news stories focus on grabbing the most interesting part of the story and sharing that at or near the beginning.

As the author says, the best of corporate storytelling is not mere promotion, announcements, or spin. Oh sure, there's tons of that around and it often is not worthy of anyone's attention.

And content marketing is just a vehicle for sharing stories. Content marketing is a mix of news and the best of business storytelling.

OK -- so why pay attention to this article? Well, it's a good example of the different notions out there in the marketplace about business storytelling. Yet despite this, it shows how journalists can also be great assets in a content marketing strategy, particularly when "I'm always reporting and writing as a service to our readers, not the companies I'm writing about" as the author says.

I think, however, that the author got it backwards when she says "Journalism is more than storytelling." I think it should read: "Storytelling is more than journalism" because news/feature stories are not the only kind of storytelling on the planet.

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at www.scoop.it/t/just-story-it 

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