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This post was written by Cory Eridon for Hubspot and shared by my fellow curator Jan Gordon who comments below. I decided to bring this into the Just Story It curated content because mobile rocks and it opens up a whole new way for us to share our business stories.  Each of the 5 content formats are perfect venues for story sharing. So start making those mobile marketing plans for 2012!


Intro:  Learn about 5 types of content that rock on mobile devices that you should incorporate into your content creation for 2012.


Before we get to the content types, here are some exciting stats on the growth of mobile.....


**eMarketer recently released data that highlights the growth of each of these mobile devices in 2011 and into 2012.


**US smartphone users will increase from 90 million in 2011 to 107 million in 2012,


**ereader users from 33 million to 46 million, and tablet users from 34 million to 55 million


The 5 content types for mobile are: How can you incorporate them into your marketing mix?


*Infographics (see articles on this in the Just Story It curated content)


*cartoons (see the article on graphic storytelling in the Just Story It curated content)

*video (see articles on digital storytelling in the Just Story It curated content)



Selected by Jan Gordon covering "The Explosion of Mobile Web and Beyond"


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