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If you're a small business owner, your website is the central hub of your company, and it's a pivotal part of your marketing and branding. Here are 5 common web design mistakes you must avoid to create a great user experience and grow your bottom line:
- Poor Navigation: Without careful attention to how people navigate your site, you could unintentionally be creating a frustrating experience for any potential visitor.
- No Clear Calls To Action: If you aren't leading users to commit to an action (buy a product, contact you or subscribe, for example), then you are losing them.
- Color & Contrast: Aside from plain readability, color and contrast are important because they can be used to create visual interest and direct the attention of the user.
- Content, Content, Content: People visit your website for its content, and how that is structured is a huge factor in its success or failure.
- Clutter: Even the greatest content can become lost in a mess of words and graphics, so de-cluttering is essential.

Via Ashok Ramachandran