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Ensuring Privacy in an IT World - AICPA Insights

Ensuring Privacy in an IT World - AICPA Insights | People Transform Organizations |
Do you expect a right to privacy? Do your clients? The truth of the matter is that the right to privacy is an ever-changing, ever expanding concept that continually needs to be redefined.
Karl Wabst's insight:

Privacy is a moving target. Its definition is contextual and intertwined with trust, another concept that is difficult to pin down. Data that is considered private in one place or time may not be private in another. Where the data originates, who shares it, how it is shared, or destroyed may be important considerations.


Have a look at Privacy in Context by Helen Nissenbaum for more on this interesting idea.


"Arguing that privacy concerns should not be limited solely to concern about control over personal information, Helen Nissenbaum counters that information ought to be distributed and protected according to norms governing distinct social contexts—whether it be workplace, health care, schools, or among family and friends."

The 7 steps outlined here don't mention the people-side of the equation. Passing audits is desirable. Understanding and managing client expectations, roles and responsibilities is a key piece of success.

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