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JavaScript for Line of Business Applications
Keeping track of current JavaScript Frameworks that help design your clientside Business Logic Layers.
Curated by Jan Hesse
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Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks (Throne of JS, 2012)

Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks (Throne of JS, 2012) | JavaScript for Line of Business Applications |

* For many web developers, it’s now taken for granted that such client-side frameworks are the way to build rich web apps. If you’re not using one, you’re either not building an application, or you’re just missing out.
* There’s lots of consensus among the main frameworks about how to do it (Model-View-* architecture, declarative bindings, etc. — details below), so to some extent you get similar benefits whichever you choose.
* Some major philosophical differences remain, especially the big split between frameworks and libraries. Your choice will deeply influence your architecture.

* Progressive enhancement isn’t for building real apps.
* Model-View-Whatever.
* Data binding is good.
* IE 6 is dead already.
* Licensing and source control.
* Libraries vs frameworks.

The technologies — quick overview:
* Backbone
* Meteor
* Ember
* AngularJS
* Knockout
* Spine
* Batman
* CanJS

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Building JavaScript Web Apps With MVC & Spine.js

Building JavaScript Web Apps With MVC & Spine.js | JavaScript for Line of Business Applications |

JavaScript developers wishing to add more structure to their code often look for simple ways to apply the popular MVC architecture pattern to their applications. Utilizing a client-side MVC framework can be useful for such code organization and today we’ll be looking at Spine.js, a recently released solution that assists with this task.


You may be familiar with some existing projects that provide a similar solution – for example Justin Meyer’s JavascriptMVC – which is perfect for larger projects (and addresses more concerns), SproutCore, Rebecca Murphey’s dojo MVC template and Jeremy Ashkenas's Backbone.js – a worthy solution to achieving this for small to middleweight projects, in particular when creating SPAs (single-page applications).

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JavaScript Framework Face Off

JavaScript Framework Face Off | JavaScript for Line of Business Applications |

With so many JavaScript MVC libraries out there, how does a time constrained developer make a smart choice? In this survey, we'll compare and contrast some of today's most popular libraries.

Developers are flocking to client side frameworks and, as a result, there are more and more JavaScript libraries attempting to solve the rich internet application problem. In a space where new libraries seem to spring up weekly, what framework should you choose for your next project? While there is consensus around basic ideas like Model View Whatever, there are some strong philosophical differences amongst the various libraries. In this talk, we'll look at the similarities and the differences of some emerging JavaScript libraries discussing why you need to be aware of this rapidly evolving aspect of software development.

* Ember.js

* Backbone.js

* Knockout.js

* Angular.js

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