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Sync multiple AngularJS apps without server via PouchDB

Sync multiple AngularJS apps without server via PouchDB | JavaScript for Line of Business Applications |

Nowadays several solutions exist to keep web apps in sync and/or store data offline with JavaScript:
* Breeze.js
* TowTruck
* Firebase
* Pusher
* Parse
* and my latest favorite
I could go on with that list but you get the idea. Some of the mentioned technologies are more powerful and have more features out of the box than others. They usually need a server that runs your app and takes care of all the business logic. In this post I will demonstrate how to build a web app that syncs data automatically, runs on all modern platforms, stores data persistently and doesn’t need a server. The app is powered by AngularJS and PouchDB.

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Building offline applications with AngularJS and PouchDB

You may have read my other post about Async CouchDB queries with nano and promises. In that post I built a small app to track how many goals a player scored per match. Every action was stored as a single document in CouchDB. JavaScript promises were used to access the data which allowed functions be easily reused.

In this article I will build the same application without any backend. I use PouchDB as my database and AngularJSas the frontend framework.

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