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A week ago, Musclenerd from the iPhone Dev-Team confirmed that there is a third kind of flash NOR that caused problems for some iPhone 3GS users when trying to downgrade the iPad 6.15 baseband. This resulted in redsn0w showing that baseband downgrade was successful but when the iPad reboots after baseband downgrade attempt, the baseband was unchanged. After quite a  lot of research musclenerd via twitter confirmed that an update to redsn0w will be released to fix all the errors. He also confirmed that changing the payload would fix the issue. Today Musclenerd announced over twitter that an updated version of Redsn0w iPhone 3GS baseband downgrade tool would be released. This updated version of redsn0w will work on those devices which were unable to downgrade the 6.15 baseband. However, musclenerd has also confirmed that this version of redsn0w will not support those devices which could not initially get 6.15 baseband ( newer devices ). He mentioned that the revised payload seems to work fine on the devices that were unable to downgrade earlier.

Here is what he said:


Musclenerd claims to have found a way to change the IMEI of the iPhone3GS. According to him that was the reason causing iPhone users to have no signal because of no reason and the only plausible reason was IMEI. Changing that would apparently fix the signal issue. Also, IMEI changing is considered as illegal in many countries and is punishable by law. The iPhone Dev-Team will not and never release any tool that allows unethical behavior and beaks any laws. When asked if the IMEI changing tool would be released, musclenerd simply mentioned that it is illegal in many countries to change the IMEA and that it would be a bad idea to release such a tool.