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iOS6 Jailbreak Announced Tethered Jailbreak - Musclenerd Jailbreaks iOS6

Apple released its most awaited iOS6 with loads of new features including major updates to Siri. Very soon after the announcement of iOS6, beta links for iOS6 went live for developers so that they can test their applications over it. The beta download links for iOS6 are limited to developers only and not everyone can download and install it on their devices as it requires the UDID to be registered.

Its not been complete 24 hours that musclenerd from iPhone Dev-Team has announced on twitter that he has managed to jailbreak iOS6 on iPod Touch 4G. The jailbreak is currently tethered and won't be released any soon as it is still in the initial stages of development. Musclenerd also mentioned that many applications are currently broken in this tethered jailbreak for iOS6 including Cydia, Mail etc.

Here is what Musclenerd said :

Here's ioreg of my tethered-JB ipt4g 6.0: ..MANY things including Cydia are broken, don't expect beta JB for a while!

That's exciting news to hear from Dev-Team, its a big achievement for the jailbreak community for achieving a tethered jailbreak right after the release of iOS6. We'll be posting more on the jailbreak development of iOS6. Make sure you subscribe to our feeds to stay updated with the latest news.