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By Kit Eaton


"Remember pocket voice recorders, and their fiddly (but cute) miniature cassette tapes that stored your business memos and interviews? These gadgets have largely gone the way of the dodo, because digital voice recorders replaced them. Digital recorders don’t need the tiny tapes, they can record with less audio distortion and they offer extras like easy downloading of your recordings to a computer.


Voice Recorder HD by eFusion is one of the most highly regarded voice recorder apps.


"But nowadays even digital voice recorders are at risk of extinction because smartphone apps can do many of the same tasks.


"One of the most highly regarded voice recorder apps is Voice Recorder HD by eFusion. It is a $2 iOS app (also a $2 app for Samsung Android tablets). Its maker says it appeals to business users and even sound professionals. The app is graphically sophisticated and its interface is stripped down to the minimal components you need for recording sound."

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