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Basilicata: Italy's Oldest New Tourist Attraction

Basilicata: Italy's Oldest New Tourist Attraction | ITALIA PER SEMPRE |

Basilicata: Italy’s Oldest New Tourist Attraction


Move over Rome and Venice…here’s comes Basilicata! We’ve recently watched an explosive interest in Italy’s southern region with a history of 11,000 years, and want to give you the full profile on Italy’s newest popular place to visit. Read below to begin your discovering of the enchanting Basilicata.

Via Italian Summers (Lisa van de Pol)
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Going solo in Rome

Going solo in Rome | ITALIA PER SEMPRE |
You are in one of the most romantic cities in the world but your other half isn’t!

Is this a problem? “Not at all!” would be my answer.

While of course I would have loved Neill to have been there to share with me all the wonderful things I did in Rome, being on my own did have some advantages.

For starters, travelling on your own gives you the flexibility to do exactly what you want, when you want and at the pace you want. The result is you get a lot more done and I was there to work after all although, I’ll admit, researching Rome’s food and wine didn’t really feel like work!

Secondly, I was far too busy to be lonely and I met lots of really interesting people so I had plenty of opportunities to chatter away to my heart’s content.

Did I feel safe in Rome?


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