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Look beyond the artistic masterpieces and discover the gastronomic delights of Florence, Tuscany’s capital, with this insider’s guide to the best places to eat, drink and shop for Italian delicacies.


You can walk everywhere in Florence, as much of the centre is closed to traffic. Taking in all the Renaissance wonders will spark your hunger, and Florence is home to some fantastic eateries. However, you can eat very well and really badly, as in any tourist mecca – avoid spots with a menu turistico or waiter out front. Italians eat Italian food, and their own region’s at that, but that is no bad thing. Tuscan cuisine is rich and flavourful with delicious specialities such as ribollita (bread and vegetable soup) and bistecca Fiorentina, a huge slab of beef on the bone that’s best shared.


Via Italian Summers (Lisa van de Pol)