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The Bicerin | Torino's Chocolate Coffee Extravaganza

The Bicerin | Torino's Chocolate Coffee Extravaganza | Italia Mia |

Unless you are from Turin, you probably haven’t heard of the hidden gem that is the “Bicerin”. Invented in the 18th century, the Bicerin has become somewhat of an indulgent luxury for many people living in the Piedmont capital.

How so? Well the Bicerin is a three layered coffee drink. Depsite the fact that the name means “little glass,” glasses are usually 1ft tall and very narrow. The base layer consists of the finest gianduja (a hazelnut blend) chocolate fondue. Some cafés might serve Nutella instead of gianduja. On top of this layer is a cup of espresso, which blends with the chocolate base perfectly. To top everything off, a scoop of delicious cold whipped cream with chocolate flakes, that balances out the strong hot chocolate-coffee base layers, creating the ultimate mix which results in an invigorating and euphoric winter drink. [...]

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