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Country Roads: Orvieto's Etruscan Chef

Country Roads: Orvieto's Etruscan Chef | Italia Mia |

Legend has it that a 12th century Catholic bishop, while en route for a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican, sent his personal aide ahead with instructions to scout out the inns that serve the best wines along the way. As the aide made his way, he would mark the front doors of inns that had reputable grape with a largeEST! (Latin for “it is”). Upon arriving in Orvieto, once the epicenter of Etruscan culture and religion, he tasted the wine at a particular inn and was pleasantly surprised by its bouquet and quickly wrote on the door EST! EST! EST! to ensure that his bishop would dismount and quench his thirst.

The bishop did stop, and loved the wine so much that he never kept his appointment with the Holy Father down in Rome and remained in Orvieto for the remainder of his days. No doubt with a much smaller liver, but quite content. [...]

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