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Piedmont and Turin Italy’s darkest region

Piedmont and Turin Italy’s darkest region | Italia Mia |
The capital of Italy’s Piedmont, Turin is reputed to be the centre of witchcraft of Italy and is part of the black magic triangle, which it shares with London and San Francisco.

The surrealist painter, Giorgio de Chirico, described Turin as: ‘the most profound, most enigmatic, most disquieting city not only of Italy, but of the world’. He wasn’t wrong, there is a darkness that pervades the city, which make it the perfect place for Halloween. Here the 10 of the most haunted and disturbing locations in Turin and the surrounding area.

  1. Villa Pastore
  2. Novi Castle
  3. Briga Novarese 
  4. The church of S.S. Name of Mary
  5. Abbey of St. Anthony of Ranverso
  6. Basilica of San Gaudenzio
  7. Turin and the Executioner’s bread
  8. The Tunnels of Turin
  9. Castello della Rotta
  10. Monumento al Traforo del Frejus, Piazza Statuto, Turin
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