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Angels and Demons Tour: EARTH (Part 1)

 This is the Full Episode version. On this Angels and Demons tour you will be guided to incredible places in Rome that were featured in the novel/movie. This episodes covers in great detail the church of St Maria del Popolo where you will discover the Chigi Chapel: the Altar of Science representing Earth. This amazing church is not only filled with art treasures from top Renaissance and Baroque masters, but so rich in symbols that it's really no wonder it became part of a plot involving religious and pagan symbols.

Ptr Antoniojr R Paguio's curator insight, February 23, 2015 3:28 PM

The battle of good and evil messenger to ward spiritual world. Is it true about the angels and the demons? Christian believer believe on it specially Catholic but some of christian does not believe on it. What is the hidden about it? Click the link above and watch in youtube and think about the idea.

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