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Witches, Devils and mysteries: haunted Milan

Witches, Devils and mysteries: haunted Milan | Italia Mia |

Today it is the financial capital of Italy, but in the past Milan was a city of witches and alchemists where even the devil incarnate has, on occasion, been seen within its very walls. Below are ten of the most mysterious places in Milan.

  1. The wild boar in Palazzo della Ragione
  2. The Ossuary chapel of San Bernardino
  3. The star and remains of the three Magi in the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio
  4. “Madonna con le corna” in Sant’Eustorgio
  5. The Holy Inquisition and the witches in Piazza Vetra 
  6. Mortorium libris and necropolis 
  7. The house of the devil in Porta Romana 
  8. Devils on the Duomo
  9. The devil’s column in Sant’Ambrogio 
  10. The chessboard of the Knights Templar and Moses’ serpent in Sant’Ambrogio 

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