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Rare ‘zonkey’ thrills Italian crowds

Rare ‘zonkey’ thrills Italian crowds | Italia Mia |

Florence - An act of love between Martin the zebra and Giada the donkey in the romantic Italian city of Florence has produced a rare “zonkey” baby that is drawing crowds to an unusual exotic animal shelter. Three-month-old Ippo is already a star and the owners of the farm say they have received requests to rights over image including one from a soft-toy company and another from Disney to make a cartoon. “It is very rare that a zebra and a donkey mate and reproduce,” Serena Aglietti, the daughter of the shelter's owner, said at the site in central Florence, near the city's landmark monuments. [...]

Mariano Pallottini's insight:

If you are around Florence you can visit the place where Ippo is living. Actually is close to the city center inside the Park of Le Cascine, Via del Barco, 15/m - See the internet site: 

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